East Sussex Pedestrian Bridges

    • Public Sector

Client Requirements
A long design life on replacement bridges around East Sussex walking routes.

The Solution
Waux supplied structural GRP products to form bridge decks and support beams, as an alternative to timber or steel substrate.
Project Delivery
Product was supplied on a project-by-project basis, and cut to size, ready for rapid installation.

Project Area
East Sussex

Pedestrian Footbridge Upgrades
Project Journey

Following a successful project completion in Canterbury, Waux have been working with East Sussex County Council over the past year to upgrade pedestrian footbridges around walking routes in their area.

Pedestrian safety is imperative to our client, and it is important that members of the public are able to enjoy the surrounding natural area. Bridges must be maintained in order to avoid risk of injury, which is why East Sussex County Council looked for a more permanent building material.

GRP is an ideal solution as it has a very long design life and requires little maintenance due to its non-rot and non-rust properties.

Initially, GridEX® Solid-Top GRP Grating was used as the decking, as done at Canterbury, then ZedSPAN® Structural GRP Deck Planks were used latterly thanks to the no-waste technology and high loading capacity.

Furthermore, bespoke 10m long GRP beams were pultruded to act as support beams on the bridge, providing a complete GRP system.

The latest bridge to be completed is the first bridge to use Waux hidden fixing covers. These have been designed and produced to create an aesthetically pleasing finish, and are easily removable for inspection or replacement of the fixings.

Thanks to the non-rot properties of GRP, these bridges now have a far greater lifespan than if traditional steel or timber had been used in this outdoor environment. Members of the public will now have safe access around the beautiful surrounding natural area.

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