A Guide to Specifying the Right Product for Your Project

With over 20 years of in-house technical knowledge and being experts in our field, we are here to support architects right from the design stage. It’s in our best interest that the right solution is provided to ensure complete project success.


We took a look at our three of our core product rangesand came up with a few simple things to take note of when specifying for pedestrian improvements in the Rail and Public Sector.

  • Cast Treads are recommended where the foot traffic is over 3 million per year per station.
    • Our ASTEP Range gives optimum performance with over a 65-year design life on the wearing surface.
    • Waux are glad to be able to offer manufacturing to bespoke design.
    • Inserts can be manufactured to suit individual stations, brand colours or contrasts.
  • Aluminium Nosings & Treads should be used where the footfall is between 2 and 4 million yearly.
    • OxClaw is suitable internally or externally, and can be installed to most substrates, bridges, and access points.
    • The VulcaGR!P® Antislip insert can be colour coded, but in the main remains as Black, Yellow and White.
    • Life expectancy of the product is again directly related to foot traffic and should be expected to remain effective for up to 15 years.
    • OxClaw nosings can be as separate units or be manufactured as an integral part a tread.
  • Standard GRP is recommended for use where footfall is up to 2.5m per year.
    • If VulcaGR!P is installed correctly can meet the minimum requirement of 7 years, and many more, with a lower footfall.
    • During this time, the application of the nosing colour may need to be re-applied.
    • Great for temporary or permanent solutions, our VGR!P Range is a renowned nationwide and is largely specified on schemes for pedestrian safety improvements.

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