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As part of the Access For All Scheme, Network Rail have been upgrading stations around the country. To increase public safety, many footbridges have been refurbished or new bridges installed.
Read our article for further information on the Access for All scheme and Disability Discrimination Act.
Waux have assisted with many AfA Footbridge projects, from new build Sandall Beat Footbridge to Reston Station Footbridge upgrade.

From new builds to refurbishments, Waux holds a fully accredited range of systems to meet the requirements of every project. Our anti-slip flooring VulcaGR!P® is widely used on steel footbridges or upgrades on stations with less footfall. To suit projects in areas with higher population, we have designed and produced ZedSPAN® – the market-leading structural composite tread and deck system. Its huge benefits including a customizable front edge, incredible load capacity and simple installation technique, are revolutionizing footbridges all over the UK.

The VulcaGR!P® Range – GRP Anti-Slip Tread & Landing Covers

For new build, rapid maintenance repairs or bridge refurbishments, the Waux VulcaGR!P® Range will provide you with immediate safety with its easy-to-install guidelines, high anti-slip properties, and approved design in accordance to meet compliance of governments AFA Guidelines.

Anti-Slip GRP Stair Tread

VulcaGR!P® GRP Stair Treads

A best-selling product, VulcaGR!P stair treads have a superior anti-slip surface to keep passengers safe in wet conditions. Stair edges can be manufactured in any RAL colour nosing, lead times apply.

Anti-Slip GRP Flat Sheet

VulcaGR!P® GRP Flat Sheets

VulcaGR!P® Flat Sheets are a quick and easy solution to provide an anti-slip surface on landings, overbridges and ramps. They have been anti-slip pendulum tested to the same standards as VulcaGR!P® Stair Treads.

The ZedSPAN® Range – Structural GRP Tread & Deck System

Initially designed to replace rotting timber treads, this state-of-the-art composite tread and deck system offers a long design life and ease of install. Also ideal for new build footbridges, only steel stringers are required to use these structural products.

Structural GRP Stair Tread

ZedSPAN® Structural GRP Stair Tread Structural GRP Deck Plank

To prove its immense strength, this product has been load tested to 4.0x Network Rail’s 5kn/m2 requirements. A unique feature is that ZedSPAN® GRP Stair Treads have a customizable front edge, which can be adapted for varying levels of footfall.

Structural GRP Deck Plank

ZedSPAN® 524

These interlocking deck planks form the landings and overbridges of AfA Footbridges. They are designed to be compatible with the ZedSPAN® Stair Tread, to form a complete system. The ZedSPAN® Structural GRP Deck Plank has also been tested to far exceed the standard load requirements.

The OxClaw® Range – Aluminium Fronted Treads

Available in several different profiles, our OxClaw® Aluminium Nosings can be integrated as part of a heavy-duty tread for AfA footbridges with greater footfall.

Aluminium Fronted GRP Tread

OxClaw® Aluminum Fronted Stair Treads

Our long-lasting, durable OxClaw® aluminium stair edges can stand up to the strain of busy stations. Available in a 2-part or complete tread.

Looking for a complete footbridge overhaul?

If your footbridge package includes the replacement of tactiles or handrails, we stock the compatible systems so you can leave the entire project in our hands.

GRP corduroy tactile plate

Tactile Plates

Corduroy tactiles (pictured) indicate an upcoming ascent or descent, so are placed at the top and bottom of each AfA staircase. This ensures that those with visual impairments can still safely use public transport.

Galvanised DDA Handrails

DDA Steel Handrails

Steel handrails are recommended for public sector AfA Footbridges, and our DDA range has internal fittings so there is a continuous smooth surface to hold onto. A powdercoated finish ensures that the handrails are not cold to touch.
Read our handrail guide >>

Have you tried Bluline®?

Bluline Adhesive

Unique to Waux, it is recommended that this adhesive sealant is used for installing our VulcaGR!P® and OxClaw® products, along with rivets, screws or mechanical fixings.

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